Amazon Rainforest Camping

Huaorani Tribe Amazon Camping

Join us on an Amazon Rainrorest camping adventure with the Huaorani indigenous tribe. By day we explore the forest and rivers learning about the rainforest with native guides and by night we camp in Huaorani territory inside Yasuni National Park in Ecuador.


Although Otobo´s Amazon Safari wouldn´t qualify as “glamping” maybe we could invent the word “comping” or Comfortable Camping to describe the experience he provides. 3 large covered, raised platforms are cut into the side of a hill and are about a meter above the ground, each with a beautiful view of the surrounding forest.

Each platform has a large tent with 1 or 2 air mattresses with fresh linen and pillows, an invigorating shower, sink and flush toilet.


Otobo only takes in 2 to 10 guests at a time and only runs about 6 tours a year!

Otobo´s Amazon Safari is smack dab in the middle of the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve in Huaorani Territory, and can only be access by air or two days by motorized canoe.

Otobo offers an amazing opportunity to visit and experience the life of these incredible people.


The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is an incredibly wildlife-rich area and is home to an abundance of macaws, parrots, monkeys… all the highlight species, even Jaguars, tapirs, Giant River Otters and Giant Anteaters are here. Guests often see various species of monkeys, many types of birds, frogs and insects. However, much of what a specific group sees will depend on stealth, perseverance and good old fashioned luck.

Having all excursions into the forest led by Huaorani guides certainly helps our chances of seeing incredible nature. You will visit Clay Licks, float on the river, paddle in remote lakes and walk at night, all with the hope of encountering rare and unique creatures.