All of the tours to Otobo`s Amazon Safari are tailor-made.
This is to say that no two tours are exactly the same.


The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is an incredibly wildlife-rich area and is home to an abundance of macaws, parrots, monkeys… all the highlight species, even Jaguars, tapirs, Giant River Otters and Giant Anteaters are here. Guests often see various species of monkeys, many types of birds, frogs and insects. However, much of what a specific group sees will depend on stealth, perseverance and good old fashioned luck.

Having all excursions into the forest led by Huaorani guides certainly helps our chances of seeing incredible nature. You will visit Clay Licks, float on the river, paddle in remote lakes and walk at night, all with the hope of encountering rare and unique creatures.


The tours run from 4 nights-5 days to 7 nights-8 days or more. We generally run only 1 tour every 2 months.

Arrival Options


Arrival to Otobo`s main campsite could be by a 1-hour flight from Shell-Puyo to Bameno. Bameno is a small Huaorani community located about 1 hour by motorized canoe from Otobo`s main campsite.

Motorized Canoe-in

Arrival to the main campsite could be by motorized canoe. From Coca you would travel 2 hours by taxi/truck to the Rio Shiripuno. Depending on the level of the river you would either arrive to the main campsite in one or two days.



Departure from the main campsite by motorized canoe for an hour to arrive to Bameno followed by a 1 hour flight to Shell-Puyo.


Walks through the forest will amaze you! Otobo, himself often guides, along with a translator, you will be able to search for a vine to make curare, tap rubber from a native tree, stalk monkeys and other wildlife, so much to see and do. The Rainforest is huge and diverse, the number of guests we take in are few and the Huaorani guides are amazing at finding wildlife and describing the surrounding Rainforest. Because of the wildness, vastness and diversity of the area it is impossible to say what each group of guests will experience.

Monkeys are often seen, as well as White-lipped Peccaries. Pink River Dolphins are sometimes spotted in the Rio Cononaco just in front of the campsite. Frogs, snakes, insects are all here waiting to be found as well.

One of the favorites of our guests is to walk quietly through the forest to arrive to a Clay Lick. These are areas that are often visited by macaws, parrots and sometimes mammals like tapir, peccaries, monkeys, deer and other mammals. Due to the hilly terrain there are many of these clay licks in Otobo´s territory. Silently paddling down the Rio Cononaco can also be amazing. Since the Primary Rainforest comes down to the river on both sides it is possible to see incredible wildlife this way.


All of Otobo´s tours are exclusive and tailor-made, depending on group size and number of days of the visit. Please don`t hesitate to ask, and we can send you a breakdown in cost, and some sample itineraries, for detailed information on group discounts, photography tour rates based on your specific needs or preferences.

A typical 5 night/6 day tour would be $1,500 per person with a minimum of 2 guests.
Small aircraft prices from Shell-Puyo to Bameno are between $500 and $970 per flight. 
These aircraft can carry 5 guests.


Jason H. California, usa
I took my family, including my 7 and 9-year old boys on a trip with Otobo and it was truly a life-changing event for them. They experienced how they live, internalized it, and then developed life-long friendships with Otobo, his family, and several Huaorani.

What to bring

It is important to note that the total weight allowance for the plane is 900 lbs. So taking into account that the average person weighs about 150 lbs x 5 passengers = 750 lbs. That leaves us with 150 lbs total for luggage or 25 to 30 lbs apiece. So pack light! Obviously there is no electricity… just a little solar for charging batteries, but no washers or dryers.



The volunteer must be a biologist or a naturalist and be able to make a one year commitment. The volunteer position would be able to stay part of the time at El Monte Sustainable Lodge, www.ecuadorcloudforest.com in the cloud forest of Mindo and will go into Yasuni National Park when there are tours going in with Otobo’s Amazon Safari, www.rainforestcamping.com The volunteer will be working in Yasuni National Park helping a Huaorani family clan in eco-tourism.

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